Collective RCM Dallas, TX



If you’re using a typical practice management or hospital financial system, you’re probably spending too much time printing reports, exporting and analyzing raw data or wondering where to find the data that you need. How much insight does standard reporting deliver? Is it actionable? Does it point you in the direction of a true solution? How does it contribute to your operational and financial success?

CollectiveIQ is a cloud-based analytics platform that links to multiple data sources and provides real-time insight into your financial operations with on-demand reporting. You can set up goals and benchmarks based on the internal metrics or the benchmarks of similar organizations.

We help track the financial health of your entire patient, payor and provider base, so that you can identify key areas of concern in order to implement best practices. Combine CollectiveIQ with our Collective Consulting to discover who’s thriving and why, and how to implement the most effective tactics in your organization. Our experts will work with you to track and compare your performance to local, regional, and national leaders from our database of thousands of providers.