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Information Technology Consulting


Collective Inspiration

Practice administrators and healthcare CFOs and CEOs take on any number of issues, including administrative, personnel, financial or even technological issues, often on the same day. But, the workload is often more than any one person can keep up with.

That’s why we take on your most tedious organizational work, initiate key performance metrics, help align incentives, and keep you on top of industry change. By benchmarking, tracking, and continually monitoring your processes, Collective consultants can maximize reimbursements and help your organization run more efficiently.


Collective Growth Strategies

Acquisition and consolidation are at the forefront for many physician groups and health systems. Acquisitions of physicians, physicians groups and hospitals are at an all-time high. No matter if you are on the buy-side or the sell-side, understanding the current and expected cash flow of the business is essential.  Collective can provide the revenue cycle consultants and technological platform to make your analysis complete.